kortižo čaršija škoj - 12" Vinyl - Haver

18,00 CHF

Haver is a product of three moods, three characters and three approaches to music with different backgrounds. The result is eclectic fusion of traditional sephardic and mediterranean music with contemporary electronic flavoured music.

Haver could therefore be best described as a fusion of soulful and emotional vocals by Vladimir Mickovic, of syncopated and energetic drum beats of Niko Radas and a deep, heavy and bass weighted production of Jadranko Kerekovic-Dubolik.

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Vladimir Mickovic – vocals, percussion

Niko Radas - drums, keyboard

Jadranko Kerekovic - keyboard, guitar, dubbing


released September 21, 2019


Recorded at Dub Tunnel Studio by Jadranko Kerekovic Dubolik, Kramasonik Studio by Hrvoje NiksicLong Play Studio by Borjan Milosevic, Groove Studio by Gabrijel Prusina / Released with Rad Fyah


All tracks performed by Haver, except tracks I/ 2, II/1 - performed by Haver and Gabrijel Prusina (piano)

Mixed by Jadranko Kerekovic Dubolik at Dub Tunnel Studio

Mastered by Streaky Mastering

Produced by Jadranko Kerekovic Dubolik, Niko Radas, Vladimir Mickovic

Artwork by Josip Mickovic


Cover design by Zoran Zelenika

Translations by Vanja Ohnec (Kortiso, Carsija. Skoj) and Damir Jovic (Alegrija/Nuvlidad, Sabur, Lebicada)


Check out the new Zurich based Label: Rad Fyah